Religion is the Bane of Existence...


This page is dedicated to the institution of religion, that I prophesize will cause the end of humanity, in a truly non-biblical sense; very much like armageddon, but very much not like it.

***Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the religious reader to set aside your constantly judgemental and preconceived notions of that which does not agree with your own beliefs, so that you may break the bad habit that most likely your parents taught you...religion is not a good thing.***


Now with that aside, I would like to point out that there are a few useful purposes for religion that I'd like to state here:

  1. It gives you a reason to be "good"
  2. It gives you a reason to wake up in the morning
  3. It provides you with other meek followers that you can always call "friends" and at least have 1 thing in common
  4. It gives you a hero to look up to and strive to be like
  5. It gives you a book to read when you are bored.

With that aside, I'd like everyone to reflect on the statements above. Each religion has it's own morals, beliefs, and judgements of what is write and wrong. Some religions clash. If you forever live under the dark cloud of religion, you will never be able to live a life for yourself. Just as a chiild who lives with overbearing parents, religion is a prison in which you must live and follow the rules. The consequence for not following the rules of your religion are as fanciful as the actual religion itself. If you are bad then you will go to Hell. Who is in Hell?...the devil. Now if the devil is so bad and you are also so bad that you would end up in Hell, does it really make sense that you and the devil would not get along. You'd be best pals because you both landed in the same place for being naughty. If you put a bunch of naughty people together, they are going to learn to deal with their situation, and most likely overcome their collected misfortune.

My thoughts on religion are like a friggin' buffet at Sizzler's and I just don't know what to put on my plate first because it all needs to be eaten, or written in this case. Ponder on this while I calm my brain down...

I have felt more comfortable with the idea of the bible as a self-help book. Except for the fact that you are supposed to think about yourself last, which really doesn't help you at all. Helping others is good because they enjoy it and it may make you feel better about yourself. But all that stuff is achievable without being a religious person.


Religion as Corruption

In Catholicism, we have the priests to prey on the alter boys. In Christianity, as in Catholicism, we have their morals that spill over into politics, and thus corrupt politics into a form of religion that politicians use to influence others, just like a church sermon. Other than America's first amendment rights, the basic laws of the land are straight out of the bible. We must constantly do good all the time in order to, what? At least in the bible there's a place for people who follow the rules. In society, what are the rewards for not killing thy neighbor, or not banging thy neighbor's wife? It seems as if the laws are to scare people into being good, such as the bible scares people into believing in god. Some day, there will be proof that the bible is made up, and that will be the day that many people will be crying. Why? Because they will realize that all that effort they have put into believing in something is in vain. Tell a child who loves Santa that he doesn't exist and watch the child cry. It is the same situation. Now try telling the child that god doesn't exist. Would the kid still cry as much as when he hears about Santa? I would say 9 out of 10 times the child would be more heartbroken without Santa than without god. You may say it's because the child does not realize how much god provides, and I would say the child could care less about that, and more about what Santa provides. The child's parents are their gods, and that is all they need to know.


Divine Creation

This is still up in the air for me. I fully embrace the scientific approach, but I have also been partial to another sort of theory as to our existence on Earth. I feel that aliens may have created us, and/or we are complex robots that can be created, and repaired as simply as robots that we as humans can create. People would be quick to pass this off as nonsense, that we are not robots, but most people cannot expand their mind past that of human creation, and see that the human body is a robot, but not in the conventional, contemporary sense of the word. Of course we are not made of metal, but who says a robot (a broad term) has to be metal? And to get off topic, to those people that say that man is the only intelligent being on the planet, have you ever seen a large flock of birds flying around? Do you notice how they all change directions at the same time, just as a school of fish do? There are 2 ways that could cause these animals to do this: 1) they are talking to each other in their own language (this is highly possible, since we are too un-intelligent to understand or learn their language and 2) they are communicating telepathically to each other (this is a little harder to believe, but in many ways possible). Small animals may have smaller brains, but they also do things faster, and thus similarly must be able to process thoughts in their brains faster. A small doughnut is the same as a giant doughnut. We may have much more surfact area in our brains, but that doesn't make us different. A Mini Cooper (bird brain) is smaller than a Cadillac Escalade (human brain), but that doesn't mean the Cooper is any less of a vehicle (brain). It still functions the same. Who are we to think that we are so much better than all else? This doesn't have anything to do with religion, so maybe I should get off that topic...


I Choose Not To Believe

It is the right of every American to choose things. It seems like a basic human right, and it should be, yet we consider ourselves special because we have it. We can choose what to say, write, print, and believe, but are we truly allowed full control over these things? Our first amendment rights only refer to each person in their own home, in reality. I can say whatever I want, just not in court, work, etc. I can print what I want, just as long as I use my own resources. But I can't just put it anywhere, there are laws you know. Our rights are just, but the means to express them are few. "An unlimited amount of access over an extremely limited amount of time." I have the right to believe in any religion I want just as long as no one knows what I'm doing. The exception to this rule is any major religion, because, of course, they are always welcome because there are so many people who follow these rules of law and life. All else to end up outside the Venn diagrams of religion are thus left to fend for ourselves in caves and anyplace else where the god-fearing would not dare to venture.

A Christian can worship any way they please, as can a Catholic, Muslim, Jew, etc. Why is this? Because when the first amendment was created, none of these religions involved any human sacrifice, bonfires, or other things that people in the 18th century deemed evil. Now if I were part of a religion whose basis was human sacrifice, such as those from pre-Columbus Central America, I would not have the right to practice. This is for 2 reasons, which are one and the same: 1)Human sacrifice is considered murder, which is punishable by law and 2)Human sacrifice is not part of the major religions of the country and is therefore against the law. The first statement makes sense. The second seems like a ignorant remark by someone who is hell-bent against religion, however, the 2 statements are the same. The original rule of law in this country was based on what our forefathers considered to be fair and right. Had they been of a religion, or even had a member present from a religion that practiced human sacrifice, things would be different. What about the witch hunts...where were the laws for those women who were murdered? Murder would be illegal, except in the case of religious practices. That seems fair. If you think not, look at society this way. We sacrifice people on death row every day to the concept of god (usually a religious person present, priest, rabbi, etc). This murder of other humans is a sacrifice to the gods to cleanse our society of evil. This obviously contrasts with sacrificing a newborn girl to the gods (the ultimate sacrifice) but the connection is still there. The point is that society in America is biased towards mainstream religion, and the proof is in the laws that we must abide by every day, laws that were created (and have mostly stayed intact) for over 200 years. If we can abolish slavery, we can abolish religion, both archaic forms of thought. Not much else that went on during the 0-60 AD time period seems worthwhile today, so why continue to believe things that they believed? Do we still walk around barefoot on dirt roads, carrying water from the river back to our shack miles away? Some areas of the world do, but not in our neck of the woods. We need a more sound and baseful ideology to put our time, effort, and money into.

Mainstream religion is desperately trying to hang on to the norms and mores that people thought so highly of back when it was introduced. We hold other things more valuable these days, and must change our mentality if we ever want to get out from under the rocks of religion that bring us down to just ants on a rock. We are more than that, more powerful and intelligent than that. We have the power to do anything, yet we are still held back by laws based on defunct religious beliefs and politicians that are "more trustworthy" if they adhere to these beliefs.


A post, recently added to IMDB on the "Left Behind: World at War" forum:

"Religious debates are great. It's funny because there's never really a debate at all, it's just non-believers looking down upon god's sheep that will eventually be eaten, and those same sheep that look down upon the non-believers because they are so "lost". If christians don't feel the holy pity for the non-believers, then they sell their tales of salvation to those non-believers. The problem is that you sheep are selling a life of slavery and servitude to what? A concept in a book, written by who? The "chapter" says John, but did he write it? Could he even write? Was there even a John?

Two things that you shouldn't talk about at work are politics and religion. Why is that? Because both subjects are so cut and dry or because both subjects are discussing the same things through different facts of everyday life. Politics rule your life socially, and religion rules your life morally. If I don't agree with your religion, then that says to you I don't agree with your morals, and if I don't agree with your politics, then that says I don't agree with your societal values. Our country's politics were founded on religion, and even though we claim to keep church and state separate, we are still living in the church of america. Iran is a "dangerous" country because it is ruled by strict Islamic codes; recently the president/leader announced that Israel should be wiped off the map. Our country is also living by a strict christian code and thus we are "dangerous" to other countries who do not share our same views on religion/politics.

It is a conflict of interest to run our country based on religion. People have a right to think what they will, but they should not be forced to think and act a certain way just because the Pilgrims unfortunately thought there was a bearded man playing "The Sims" with our lives on a cloud in the sky. I didn't ask for that. Let's let history be history and live a new way, free of meddling politics based on religion. Society will be a much safer place. "